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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Final stopped being lazy

Good news nobody. I'm done being lazy. Actually, I'm finish an all consuming marathon of reading.

Anyhow, spent an hour coding to get myself back in the grove. Implemented the second weapon for the players space ship. Now the player has the ability to choose between two weapons. The 'blaster' seen in the first video, or a new 'cannon' weapon. As you'll see in the video posted with this entry the cannon fires slower than the blaster, the projectiles also move slower than the blaster, but the players ship moves faster when it is fired. Also once I implement something to fire at, the cannon will do more damage than the blaster as well.

Next step will be to implement the last weapon, which will be a flamethrower like weapon. After that I can start implementing some obstacles and this will finally start looking like a real game.

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