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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mile stone reached, basic player movement finshed

Just a quick update. Managed to implement the flame thrower weapon. Early tests resulted in this.

After a little bit of debugging finally got something that worked properly.

After seeing it in action I don't now whether I fill keep the flame thrower weapon in the end. Seems to me like it has the potential to be a game breaker, I'm hoping the speed will make it difficult to use but I'll have to make some targets first to test it out. Hopefully it can be tweaked into being useful but not too useful. I'm sure once there is something to shoot at I will have to do a lot of minor tweaking to the weapons recoil speeds, firing rates, and damage.

With the flame thrower finished I can now move on to making the environment a little bit more interesting. Hopefully next weekend I can get a couple of asteroids floating around. A the very least I might as well draw a background cause I'm getting tired of corn blue.


  1. That's some nice physics you got there

  2. Maybe give the flame thrower a cool down timer?